Women do choose men who are rich. “What? Amit didn’t you just said the opposite in your title? You mislead us here you **beep**!”

Hold on. I am still not changing my title. What I am saying is that women are more attracted to the rich because of the underlying characteristics they possess.

So, if you are rich guy and having money gives you confidence, self-worth and straight spine then that personality is what is attracting her towards you and money has very little effect on her. So, if you are Bill gates and you pursue her to death with desperation, she is definitely going to be pissed off and rather choose a pool boy who has confidence in his own life style and has his own self-worth.

A man who is in pursuit of his ambition is more attractive than a guy who has huge inheritance and lays all the day playing video games and eating burgers.

Not that money doesn’t affect her mood. After all they have been programmed to be resourceful so as to maximize the survival of their offspring. But, not so much as it is hyped over on social media.

Yes, gold diggers do exist who would kill themselves for a guy who has a Mercedes. Because ,they have some real childhood issues. They attach a lot of importance to money since, they have undergone terrible moments in childhood because of poverty.

But, it’s not hard to spot them out and they form a small percentage of women. But, no need to generalize. If you got to date a normal woman then you don’t have to live under these stereotypes.

Often guys who get dumped, go into anger mode and say all women are gold diggers but, its not. Yes! accept that you are hurt because she invalidated you. And we have loads of narcissist shit inside our head.

But, the truth is they left because you were too desperate. You lost your individuality. You couldn’t walk away after certain time.

Think about it, somewhere in the process your personality became too childish and you were a 10 year old again wanting to sleep on your mother’s lap, which is very repulsive to women.

In the ancient times if cave man acted like this, he would have got dumped too (Yes! He sympathizes with you *sobs*) because that meant zero security to the female and the offspring. Our mental states haven’t evolved much over the years.

Rich guys get dumped too. Not, because they didn’t have enough money but, because they couldn’t be a man when it was expected.

A man who earns average but, works hard towards a better lifestyle and shows signs of self-worth and confidence is more attractive to women than that person who is busy burning off that inheritance money and cries like baby during hard times.

Women don't pursue rich guys
Well ! he just won a lottery.

And if you have money and personality too, then that’s a best cocktail. But, take these cases – a guy who has been gifted a car by his dad and a second guy who has earned his own car. Who seems more attractive? No! It was not about the car now. Think about it.

So, probably it was never that much about money. It was about the effect of money on your personality. So, if you got a personality she will stay. But, don’t expect what I said above was a fool proof method for life time relationships. Sometimes, you just become incompatible. She turns into a heroin addict which is probably now your time to dump her 😉


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