Often you come across the articles you read and they completely change your life. But, they dont find out a way into public because either blogs get lost amidst the internet noise or the authors are too lazy to promote them( My type).

Let me tell you these are not books, but free articles available on the web.

So, a small effort to uncover them as I don’t want to stay them hidden. I have listed the articles below. Although I would definitely recommend to read other articles on their website. They are interesting too, but, some words penetrate like glass in your heart. So, here’s the list:

  1. The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson
  2. Money and happiness- Andrew Ahingston
  3. Never Put Profits First – Steve Pavlina
  4. In defense of being Average- Mark Manson
  5. You get angry only on those people who you take for granted – Amit Vele ( I boasted a little over here, but yes I read it myself again when I need a kick)

Top 5 blog posts

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