Few months ago I bought a new phone. The phone had a superior configuration. What a day it was!

I remember unboxing it slowly as I wrapped the back of the phone in a bubble bag and took it in my hand making sure I don’t damage it. I was like a mother holding her new-born baby.

Months later, you could see I am throwing it away on the bed like it’s some cheap device. I remove its metal case recklessly without caring whether I am scratching its body or not. I give it to the kids who play war games as they drool over my phone’s entire screen. Sometimes my phone falls on the floor but, seconds later I am as happy as I was moments before.

Then one day, my phone got stolen.

That entire one week, I was in the absence of my phone. It’s true when one says ‘Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones, because regret is stronger than the gratitude.’

I had underestimated how much pain I will go through after the loss of my device. I alwayshad  thought ‘What’s the big deal? I know it’s not going anywhere.’ I had this notion that time is infinite and so are the things that stay with you. But, that week I realized how hard it is live without it.

But, not only is this limited to the gadgets. We also tend to take our people for granted. We treat objects and people as same. It’s natural tendency of human being.

We think our parents are here forever since they are always available. So, we tend to ignore their needs and instead opt for laziness because, things available to us go into our background.

Taking things for granted...including people
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The only way to love anything is to know that it could be lost.

When your parents tend to call you out of care, you seem to ignore them. The greatest regret a person has when their parents die, is that they didn’t pay enough attention to their needs. Why?

Why is it that when your lover leaves you, he or she suddenly starts to appear super-hot?

You are a human. You will take things for granted. It’s natural. Can you hear that ceiling fan’s noise? You heard it when I just told you. But, all this time you were deaf to it. The things which are already there will go into your background.

Its essential to practice gratitude. As I said, the only thing to love anything is to know it could be lost…forever.

A week later my parents bought me a new phone. I was happy. Gadgets are replaceable. But, people?

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