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Discipline versus Motivation and why Motivation is useless

Remember the last time you got angry? How long could you sustain that feeling of being angry? No matter people call you the angriest person on the planet, you will go back to your normal state.

Just like anger, motivation is also a feeling.

Observe yourself when you watch an inspirational movie. Observe that feeling you get, those goosebumps that you feel all over your limbs. It is as if a strong spirit possessed you.

When that feeling enters your body it makes you feel powerful and invincible. You feel as if you can take down any goal in front of you. But, its all momentary.

Its like a rush you get after getting drugged. You feel all god and all better but, when the rush subsides you fall back to normal or sometimes even making you feel worse than before.

Discipline is an action arising from your mind that cuts through all this emotional bullshit. If you have a goal of loosing weight you wake up at 6 in the morning and go to the gym .No.matter.what.Just show up. Even if you are having fever or cramped stomach go to the gym, do light exercises and come back.

Though the workout might not be amazing everytime, it is important that you show up at the gym everyday.

Wanting to start full dieting can demoralise you. Instead, in the first month start with only avoiding anything that has sugar. Then the next month stop eating junk food.

If you have decided to go to the gym just because you watched an inspirational video, believe me, the feeling subsides and you fall back into your old pattern of lazying around. And I don’t need to tell you that. You know it.

With time, the things will seem easy because you are making up a habit for you. When you wake up you brush your teeth without thinking. Heck! You don’t even need to put efforts. You don’t say you don’t feel like brushing today. Exercising will become something of the same.

Just as you can’t remain happy by indulging into a series of high by doing the drugs the entire day. You can’t attain goal by depending on a fleeting feeling.

Discipline can be induced in you by eating small part at a time. If you watch a movie and decide to be millionaire tomorrow, its impractical.

If today you earn 20,000 bucks aim for 21,000 bucks which is pretty easy goal for you, rather than planning to earn 50,000 instantly. Then you can plan for 23,ooo and so on. If you are planning to go to gym start with small. Go only for ten mins but, regularly. Slowly, building habits become easier and you fall into a consistent pattern of doing it effortlessly just like brushing teeth.

Don’t start it today. Start it now. Don’t think about how you will reach that goal- maybe it’s losing weight, becoming rich or anything. Instead think-what habits are needed to reach that goal and start working towards it.


Once a Marwadi, always a Marwadi

I was always of the belief that a person’s nature is determined by the conditions he lives in. Example: If a person is poor he avoids spending money or lacks the habit for donation. But, if he is rich he won’t be this way.(But, wait !)

Now there was this guy in my college days who would abstain from doing anything that might pull the money out of his pocket. He barely spent any money. If he didn’t bring tiffin to the college he would prefer remaining hungry instead of spending Rs.30 on canteen food. He would walk the unwalkable distance from the railway station till our college telling us that he was doing it for his health. Friends used to mock him as he was a Marwadi. And Marwadis in India are assumed to be miser who would even suck the juice out of a fly if it fell into his soup. They are also the first guests at a free dinner party.

I used to pity that guy because I always had a pity-the-poor-guy-syndrome. I always thought he was poor so he abstained from such activities.

Though I am not in contact with him I came to know from a close friend that he works in an MNC with a handsome salary. I laughed to myself when I heard that he hasn’t change despite better financial security. Infact, he is in relationship with a Marwadi girl. Now, both remain hungry if they forget their lunch boxes.

<a href= http://accountingdegree.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/scrooge.jpg>Image Credits </a>

Image Credits Miser- Marwadi

This isn’t an exaggeration. People of such mindset do exist. Weird is the human mind which thinks it will change if tomorrow things change. But, as a matter of fact it you are a Marwadi today, you will remain Marwadi forever.

No matter whichever state you are, you will always be the same today, you will always be the same tomorrow. Situations never change the mindset. Mind changes the mindset itself. 

Our nature will reflect in all the situations. There are people who still don’t change during hard times. We all know atleast one woman who is so much habituated to shopping that the moment they see cash in their purse they spend almost all of it on clothes and fashion.

I have seen my uncle struggling and growing from rags to riches. In my childhood when my uncle used to take me to eat snacks, he would buy extra food with whatever money he had in his soiled shirt’s pocket and share it with the poor children. The best thing was he would never do it himself. Instead he would buy it and tell me to do it. He would then ask me how I felt after doing it?

Today even if he is rich he hasn’t changed and I see him doing the same thing.

Once a lazy, always a lazy. Once a generous person, always a generous person. Once a_______ (fill it with whatever you want), always a _______

It doesn’t mean change will never happen. It only means that change can happen now. Nobody ever changes until one changes right now.

Nobody quits cigarettes by thinking that he will smoke 9 cigarettes today then 7 tomorrow and then 5 and then gradually quit it completely.  You have to be continuously conscious of your actions until they become automatic. Before learning a guitar you have to be concentrating on the fingers and notes you play. But, after directing the same things over and over again, it doesn’t take long time to move your fingers like butter over the guitar fret-board.

What you are? Ask yourself. Chances are if you put things for tomorrow you will be always putting things for tomorrow. There is no hope for you then.

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