Enjoy the amazing Datsun redi-GO

Cars always excite me. One of the main reasons is that they signify adventure, get-together and happiness. I often happen to keep an update of every car around me. Most of the cars I see through are usually common in design and features except a few modifications.

I scroll through the directory of the cars as if through the face-book feed. But, Datsun redi-GO catches my eye. It signifies.Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Datsun redi-GO

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This car is a car which will definitely catch an eye of every person on the street. I would want to take this car out for a spin for these features:

Yukan design:

These days cars have a typical design. Of course, you should never judge a book by it’s cover. But, no matter what the cover is equally important. You would never want to sit in a rickshaw with a BMW engine. But, anyways what is amazingly sexy is the exterior design. The design is sharp and sleek extruding lean and dynamic muscle. Besides, it is not only the design but, also the material of which it is made. The exterior design adds to one hell of the sexy look to the car that will turn eyes over the street and people will admire the person sitting inside the car.

Spacious interiors:

Its not only the exterior that appeals. Datsun has made sure the people inside feel equally comfortable and proud to have to drive a car like this. The interior consists of modern dash layout, powerful air-conditioner and sporty fabric. Audio system adds equally amazing experience.


The best thing is that this car doesn’t compromise on anything. The mileage of this car is 25.17 kmpl which is quite affordable and convenient for most of the Indian people. The I-SAT engine makes sure of the knocking-performance and long urban travel. The small turning radius makes it comfortable to drive car in urban crowded cities of India.

The best place I would to test this car is in the Mumbai city at midnight when I would swift through the roads and enjoy the nightlife at the same time. Traveling through the Datsun redi-GO at midnight in Mumbai is a deadly combination for fun and enjoyment.

In Mumbai, it happens that the streets are too crowded. In traffic, the only thing that can comfort you is your car. With it’s powerful audio system , interior spacey comfort and AC- conditioner I am sure I will be able to enjoy any situation in the urban area. Besides, U-turn becomes a problem because when you frequently do it, you have to deal with reversing and forwarding the car which is quite hectic. This car solves this problem with it’s minimal radial turn.

Who wouldn’t want a car like this? The urban blues are beat here itself because when you enjoy the interior conditions and comfort then no matter what the urban traffic issues are, you become more comfortable in dealing with such problems.

You might want to look at the full features of this amazing car at it’s official website. Ready.Set.GO! @DatsunIndiaDatsunIndia #rediGO

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