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#QuakerBowl Indimeet experience

Who wakes up on Sunday so early? I woke up at 630 am to get ready for the QuakerBowl Indimeet at JW Mariott. The schedule plan for the meet didn’t seem much exciting. As I have been to such meets before, I was expecting it to be quite normal.

It was the usual agenda- Introduction, Meet and conversation with a celebrity chief ( which I assumed must be some Youtube Celebrity), lunch and go back home.


But, Indiblogger never stops surprising us. I was totally taken aback when the celebrity chef turned out to be Vikas Khanna who is an international celebrity chef. Man ! I couldn’t take my eyes off that guy as he moved around conversing with all of the bloggers at the event. I cannot thank Indiblogger and QuakerBowl enough, for letting me meet such a successful personality.

Most Humble Guy I have seen

Most Humble Guy I have seen

Vikas Khanna is so down to earth and humble. I also aspire to be a person like him not only in terms of ambitions but, also in terms of serene personality that he radiates all along.

Finally a selfie with the chef

Finally a selfie with the chef

I could see girls ( and some guys too) going crazy for him . Why shouldn’t they? He was voted as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by a popular American Magazine. It was not only limited to his looks. It went beyond that.

We had fun games with Vikas Khanna as he became the host for various competitions like ‘Soup-shots’ where we had to blindfoldedly drink the soup like a tequila shot and write down it’s ingredients within 60 secs. Then he declared winners who received QuakerBowl hampers.

There was another round where we had food quiz which was also fun.

Thats my entire team !

The most fun part of all the was the cooking competition. We had our groups divided where we were assigned ingredients like oats, ice cream, chocolate syrup, dragon fruit, watermelon, oregano and lots more. My team consisted of bloggers with really interesting personalities. Vikrant, Ashish, Monica, Leena , Mohit and Hiral.

After we were done with the cooking 😛

Our main aim was to create a spicy dish which Vikas Sir would love since, we assumed he would prefer that as he is a Punjabi. So, we landed up making a spicy (read, extremely spicy) dish as we couldn’t calculate the amount of ingredients that went into it. Too many cooks spoil the broth and that broth can also kill the person. We got scared when Vikas Sir started coughing and we wondered whether our team will get banned in the upcoming events.

The selfie and personal interactive session with Vikas Sir couldn’t stop. It was amazing how he handled and warmly welcomed everyone to have a click with him.

The foods ready!

The foods ready!

The meet ended with lunch where I met lot of friends from my past blogger meets. The lunch was superb as I munched on into a plethora of oats, paneer, chicken and mutton dishes. The deserts made sure we put a sweet full stop to our day.

We were handed over a nutritious Quaker Oats pack along with the recipe as a parting gift. Though the event was not about the gifts and food it was more about an experience which I will cherish for a real long time.

My team!

My team!

I am highly inspired by QuakerBowl event to include Oats into our diet as it is one of the most optimized nutritional food. It not only provides us with all the nutrition but keeps us healthy and energetic throughout the day.




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