Knowing that no one will be able to solve your problem is the first way to solve your problem. No matter how much you speak about what you feel, they will never be able to tell you one because you can never completely explain what you feel.

You will always fall short of words. That’s human nature. The man could understand what happens in the universe to micro and macro level, but he never knows what happens with himself. That’s the flaw. No matter what you will never be able to express yourself completely.

They can lay the common ground rules for you , as a friend or family they can empathize with you, but intricately if you look, you feel discontent with their solution because the solution doesn’t click that much. It’s just a superficial sugar coating over the bitter problem. It’s a temporary fix.

Only we can understand ourselves completely. And if there is anyone who can get rid of the mental misery you are going through, it will be only you.

Read the columns in newspapers where people question the counselors. Read their answers. The answers they try to give are often black and white like hitting the problem with an axe. They become too logical. But, if your problem came from the heart. Its like water. How can you hit water with an axe? How can you expect intelligence to solve it? How can it be ‘Do this, Do that’ and then expect everything to be cool?

Why is there no solution to your problem
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With such logical answers you can’t act like they recommend, because often the situations are grey. So you try to explain in more detail. And in the process of explaining in more detail as to  what your problem is, you often end up getting more confused as to what your actual problem was in the first place.

Psychiatrists, counselors and self-help books do give answer to your remedies. But, they might give you a boost, a little direction to think. But, stop expecting a certain answer. Not that they are insufficient in their experience or education. But, because you will never be able to tell completely what you are going through, they will never be able to tell the solution completely.

Only one thing is certain, you will end up losing a lot of fees in the process.

It’s kind of lonely to think that no one will be able to understand you completely. But, wait there is something good out of this. You stop expecting a cure from a person. You become self-reliable and you grow through it. You become emotionally independent. I have heard a nice phrase ‘The only way is through it’.

We are lonely people together. No matter what, there will be a boundary which will separate you from the other person no matter what relation you share with them. So, after a point it’s better to struggle within oneself than wandering all around looking for half-hearted cure. And, when you have internalized what actually worked for you against the storm, then maybe you will find it hard to explain to others how you did it. Because, half of the answer you find, you will never be able to express in words.

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