Instead of asking “Why premarital sex?” ask “Why not?” When you are into a relationship with a person there will be time when your connection will slowly escalate to a physical level. That is just very normal and most of all natural whether you are married or not. But, the society forbids it as something evil.

Lust is a part of love. But, vice versa it might lead to the other .Having sex with your partner releases oxytocin which is a ‘bonding’ hormone. So, the nature has definitely planned out something. This explains why ‘friends-with-benefits’ and those who sleep with the prostitutes often fall in love with their partners. So, having sex with your partner helps you bond better.

So what is the problem with premarital sex? A couple which is committed to each other can have sex. It is an individual’s right to freedom to decide whatever they want to do.

As long as society’s view is concerned it has no business interfering in their decision as to what they should do. Even if the government decides to put a ban or religious books declare it to be a sin, couples who want to engage in premarital sex are anyways going to do it in secrecy. Just like gays, lesbians and transsexuals don’t cease to exist in a country which detests them.

Yes or No to Premarital Sex - It's a Yes
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But, the people having premarital sex should understand one thing in mind that you should be ready for the consequences in case of contraception failure. Are you financially and mentally strong enough for whatever that comes your way? It is easy to scream your right to freedom to be and do things as you want. But, you should be also ready to bear the consequences after acting on it.

The responsibilities that might come in your way will take up more of your time and energy, which you should be focusing on building your career if you are too young. Even if you decide to go for abortion do you know it’s mental and physical side effects on your body? No. I am not scaring you. It is easy for boys to bail out of the situation. Girls! Before doing such thing, have you been with that guy for long enough to trust that he won’t leave you in such times?

Where love exists, sex does. In love, couples are going to kiss each other, touch each other and escalate to sex. It is quite beautiful but, you should keep your eyes open for the other side too.

‘Premarital sex’ is word of hot air. It is a word of custom. Because marriage is never the precondition for sex, love is.

The best example is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Their children were present during their marriage. They showed only one thing -Love is far more important than marriage. Love can exist without marriage. Vice versa is like a forced duty.

One thing I like about western culture is that partners separate once they stop feeling love for each other. They don’t keep each other bind as if it is their duty to love if they are in a marriage. That is why I support divorces, breakups, decoupling whatever you say.

People shouldn’t love each other just because it is their duty but, because they feel that from the heart. Great! if they keep loving each other for lifetime. But, in case of falling out of love it is wastage of this gift called life by dragging it till the end.

I am in total disagreement with not supporting premarital sex. Even if it is a yes, it comes with certain conditions which if you accept; there is no reason why you should stop yourself from having this beautiful experience.


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