It often happens that during the Holi festival you decide not to indulge in play of colors and water. So, you go underground scared by the people who are looking for you. But, you can’t hide for long. As they come closer with their faces covered in silver color and hands full of color, your heartbeat pumps up warning them not to dirt your clean clothes and bathed body.

But, who cares ? They first hit you with the balloon and color your entire face .Like a helpless child you struggle and then take time to ingest that. But, suddenly something happens. The people you hated a moment ago; now you start getting involved with them because you became just like them.

Isn’t it weird? When you were so clean you despised them and a moment later when you have become like them you don’t regret it. You, in-fact love this state so much that you in-fact start hunting people who aren’t playing Holi and drag them by force to make them like you.

We are not afraid of the change, but the shock that happens during the change
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We are not afraid of change of our state. But, we are afraid of shock that happens during change of state.

Remember? The water in swimming pool was so cold that you didn’t dare to jump inside it. You weren’t afraid of change. But, afraid of the shock that instantly spikes up your blood pressure and nerves once you jump into it. But, anyways you still did it. Once you take the conscious effort to do it, the change of state is enjoyable and you are glad it happened just as in case of people trying to color you.

Also, I have seen people wouldn’t want to dance when the music goes on. They are in the state of comfort not wanting to leave their present situation. But, you must have seen at least one shy person in every party who you drag and he did the best dance ever. Once he completely ingests the shock, he later hugs you and tell he was glad that he danced and not sit around the corner.

Why are we all so afraid of that momentary state of shock?

Its true- Sometimes we don’t know what makes us happy. Some external forces drag you into it and you are glad you did it. But, why you want to wait to forcefully drag someone into it? It doesn’t always happen. Take a leap and try to be cold hearted for the shock. Let it happen. Once the ice breaks, fun follows. No matter, we miss out so many things in our life because we choose to stay within our comforts.

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