I personify everything. I see them not through the lens of materialism but, as beings unable to communicate with us.

Day and night are two persons for me. I have really good friendship with the day but, I know I am deeply in love with the night. The night has its own seductiveness, it’s own charm that I hardly see in the day. Day is masculine and the night…feminine.

Day gives me hope. It pushes me away from itself. It says “Go get your ass working. You have to fight for creating your own identity.” Night is distinct. Even if you struggle it will take you inside it. It will comfort you. You will have no other option but, to cave in just as son moves his tired head on to his mother’s lap. The night says “Relax, Nothing is under control. We are all dogs tied to the pole. Don’t think you control everything. We can go only far as long as the rope is.”

The brain is utmost relating to the knowledge from the past during the day. It becomes arithmetic, calculative and extremely rational. During night, imagination takes it’s place. Then we don’t want to believe that fairies, ghosts and werewolves aren’t real. Nothing can amplify your imagination as beautiful as it happens, when you keep staring deep into the dark.

Night more beautiful than the day
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You can bond with people better during night than the day. I don’t remember having nostalgia much from the day experiences. But, spend couple of hours with your friends or your date at night and you will be having a hangover throughout the next day. Nothing bonds people more beautiful than night does.

Every day I am protective… hard on outside, and impenetrable by manipulative people. During night I become vulnerable. Catch your friend or love for company and you will dive into the deepest parts of each other without realizing it. Night always makes you conceive that  every person has two people staying inside the same body.

During the day, life feels limited. The space we live in physically and mentally, feels so restricted that we just want to escape this congestion. Our ego is always at the forefront. Our breath seems shallow. During the night as you stare in the sky embedded with light jewels, we realize we are a part of grand design. Now, the entire ego is lost. But, we love this state. Sometimes we wonder why do we want to identify ourselves when we are invisible in face of universe?

You can’t decorate the day. But, You can decorate the night with lights, fireworks, with fireflies, with lamps of fire and dissolve yourself into the infinite infinity of silence where you realize you are not who you are. That  “Who am I?” was always a wrong question… a question which doesn’t have rational answer but, you know the answer. You live it.

Because, you just uncover what you had always known, that you are here forever even after you leave your physical body.

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