If your goal dreams finally don’t materialize, take those dreams with you to the grave. But, never ever share those dreams with anyone. To tell people your dream goals, is to add more hurdles to your life. Because when they come true people will see it for themselves and you don’t have to open your mouth.

Most of the people you will meet in the life will be mentally immature. Just because you aren’t treading the template society laid down for you, they will panic and tell you it is not possible to live the life this way.

And believe me when people all around you hammer enough, your resistance will melt away and you yourself will start believing that it is not true itself.

I remember the novel I wrote when I was 17 years old. And with each chapter I would ask a friend of mine to review it. The worst thing was I reviewed it from someone who wasn’t a novelist. His feedback was demoralizing because it was something that didn’t went along what he thought to be right.

He led me into indirectly disbelieving into my idea and asking me to follow a traditional approach.

With every chapter my novel was moving in haphazard direction because I wasn’t me in the novel. I was following a hypocrite. The feels it once contained went missing and the writing which was an activity of ‘flow’ to me gradually became mechanical and forceful. The worst thing about it was I never felt like forwarding it to the publishers. Because I knew it wasn’t something that I wrote from the heart.

I used to write 1000 words every day in the flow. But, gradually I found reaching even 100 to be very forceful. And believe me, writing novel is like having a relationship with someone. You have it without effort.

Writing novel without passion and heart is like being a girl who is being forced to love a extremely desperate guy who baths only once a month and loves not to brush teeth especially after eating onions. It is that hard.

When I did complete writing 65000 words of novel in one year I no longer felt attached to it the way I had once when I had started. A writer always has deep connections with his work. But, I drifted away from the book just because I wasn’t able to be into that.

Finally the draft lays into my old pc and I never want it to get published it till date.

Ofcourse, I started writing another novel… A novel about how a God who was punished unjustifiably, reincarnates into a demon. But, the unknown force or love, you say, that made my writing effortless, went missing. Ultimately I even dropped that draft after 5000 words.

Never share your dreams with anyone
Dreams wont materialise if you blabber them IMG credits

You should work on your dreams like you have sex with your partner. You do it but, don’t tell everyone which position you find most exciting neither you should talk about it. Let it become a taboo like sex.

I know we love to blame people along the way just because we don’t complete a work. I don’t mean to blame my friend. His intentions were just as good as my parents had when helping me choose a career for me (Whose parents don’t intend wrong consequences for their child?).

We should know the intentions of people and always forgive them if they made mistake while making a decision for you. Why do I say this? Because you were the one to be blamed since you didn’t stand for yourself.

I understood good intentions are just not enough. Because, the worst thing is that some decisions echo through your life significantly. And, you can’t undo it. Losing my love to write a novel was something that I lost along the way.

You can’t undo the past. The past is past for a reason. Past gives lessons. Present gives us life. Future gives us hope.

If you watch Game of Thrones, the most powerful character in it is Peter Baelish… who doesn’t share his dream with anyone. I wonder even if the writer knows what his intentions are 😀

Hide your dreams even from your close friends and even parents if you wish. That doesn’t imply dishonesty with them but, protection of a dream that will ultimately benefit all of them including you.

Even if you tell someone confide it with a person who has a neutral and unbiased judgment. Please stay away from hypocrites. Don’t ask for guidance for swimming who never put their toe inside the water.

But, then even experts have their beliefs which they adhere to strictly and hence, it’s very hard to do it. Ask those who were rejected by the top publishers, producers and then went on to become legends in the very own field where experts commented they don’t have a chance.

Learn from me. If your goal dreams finally don’t materialize, take those dreams with you to the grave. But, never ever share those dreams with anyone <3

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