My Ideal Yatra – Trip to Rajasthan

Ninad, Sanjana and Veera were my best friends during college times and the fact that we would seperate, prompted us to take out one last trip. On the night of convocation, we all friends decided to meet up for dinner and discuss our details for the trip to the magical lands of Rajasthan.

We started to search for itinerary on the internet as Veera opened up her laptop. As we tried to mismatch, cross-check and jumble up all the itineraries by various travellers we finally shortlisted a few places. We had a total of 9 days to travel.

I was pretty excited since, it was my first trip out of the state and I had never been to Rajasthan.

We had booked train tickets of Jaipur Superfast express. We had plans for Airlines but, we wanted to relish the journey on the way to Rajasthan. You get to experience cities and people closely only with trains and not airplanes.

Jaipur SF express takes 20 hours approximately from Mumbai to reach Rajasthan. But, those 20 hours were pure bliss as we didn’t sleep the entire night. Sanjana had bought with her a pack of UNO cards. Ninad’s mother who cooks awesome chicken biryani kept us drooling as we all four pounced on it.

There was another big college group from Mumbai itself which made us miss our college days. We slept for around one hour in the morning but, the dawn introduced us to the vast fields as we couldnt recognize which place we were. We soon learnt that we were reaching Jaipur and despite what we have heard, Rajasthan Government has managed to resolve water crises in Rajasthan despite being arid. Although, Tourism remains the main occupation of the state.

We checked into the hotel Apple Inn and we were warmly welcomed by the authorities. Apple Inn was one of the best hotels I ever visited in my life not in terms of infrastructure but, the way they provided exclusive hospitality.

As we rested for a while, we planned to visit a few places on that day. On that day we managed to do Albert Hall Museum, Birla Mandir and Jantar Mantar.Since, we were falling short of time and we wanted to go Jodhpur we decided to packup from the capital of Rajasthan and leave for the next city.

We had arranged a bus to the city of Jodhpur. We managed to meet lots of people during the journey as one couple happened to be from the states of Manipur. They shared their kang-ngou with us which is different vegetables stir fried with traditional spices and it made a mark on my tongue for months to come.

Jain Mandir

At the Jodhpur city we signed in to Hotel inn which was another great hotel. In Jodhpur the stay was longer. So we managed to visit a lot of forts including Mehrangarh fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum and Jai Pol and the blue city. I have to admit that visiting forts during the evenings was an excellent decision since, we get to see a totally different shade to these places.

The Jodhpur city was memorable and we had already spend 6 out of 9 days. The last city that remained was Jaisalmer which is a desert area totally. Situated a few Kilometers away from Pakistan border we were very excited to see how it would turn out.

We had decided to sleep inside tents amidst the desert as it would be a totally different expereince. I have to admit it was certainly not a happy experience, it we never regretted it. We had a campfire that night with other tourists that night as we conversed with each other our experiences of life and bonded well.

The temperature was dropping. Although I had expected weather to freeze I actually underestimated how cold it would get. That night it was so cold we couldnt sleep besides having so many blankets. The temperature was still dropping and we were to the hilt of our tolerance. So, we opened up the bottle of whiskey as we all drowned in the happiness.

Next day we did camel ride and experienced how it feels like in a desert. It’s different when you see in movies but, if you are surrounded by sand everywhere its a different experience altogether.

As we were done with the city we decided to return back to Jodhpur. Although we werent feeling like going home but, still consciously decided to move on. We had reserved the last day for shopping as we had our flight with Jet Airways from Jodhpur city.We shopped bangles, Rajasthani Sarees, wooden carved Key-chains, Rajais and a lot more.

We decided to have our last lunch and the famous Dal-baati. Our legs became heavy and we didn’t wish at all to move back to home but, with heavy heart and losts of memories we did. As Sanjana, Ninad and Veera sat in the airplane we all looked at each other with the content smile as then we got engrossed in looking at the clicked pictures on our cam.

Camel feeling bad that we are leaving :D

Photo Credits : Ninad Gaikwad
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