There comes a time in my life where I get so frustrated with the struggles that I clearly wish for a shortcut. Struggling physically and mentally to accommodate financial needs becomes tedious and you have to literally crack open your brain to think of ways to hustle money.

I wonder how lucky are those who don’t have to go through the hustle and bustle we average people go through.

We all take the stairs filled with hurdles, mud and insects. While the guys who inherit the wealth, the ones who get their needs fulfilled easily catch a clean escalator to the top.

How does it feel to be multi-millionaire by inheriting everything and you didn’t even work for it? How does it feel to not struggle and reach the top?

Let’s see what it feels to be rich without dropping a sweat.

Playing video games is always a struggle. There is a challenge which you encounter, learn from your mistakes and then implement your strategies to take over. Then you move on to the next level.

But, then I got tired of it and decided to use cheat codes. I got unlimited money, guns and gems. Now, that was something that I inherited without struggling.

Easy wealth and happiness
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The result- I did enjoy flying cars, driving tanks and punching the police. But, the fact is, it was very short lived. The game was no longer a challenge since, I used a tank to blow any person that I could I have easily killed with a pistol.

I had everything I ever wanted. But, the game felt aimless and I felt like a ruminating psycho animal fooling around the city. The enjoyment and fulfillment I once derived from the game diminished every day.

Within a week after unlocking the unlimited access, I got bored and decided to uninstall it. I deleted that game from the computer since, I simply happened to go nowhere.

I remembered the time before when I was gradually and slowly completing each levels of video game.

I am sure the people who inherit wealth feel similar to what I felt after I entered the cheat codes.

Whatever money I earned by doing some work e.g.  Becoming someone’s assassin or stealing a car was less compared to what millions I inherited afterwards but, the struggle to improve myself kept me engaged and happy. Isn’t that against the equation of ‘More money, more happiness?’

Yes, it is.

Is that a bad news for the people who inherit wealth? Yes and No. Yes, if their equation is “No work= happiness”. But, good news for those who despite of whatsoever whether, they inherit wealth or not continue growing.


Happiness doesn’t come from being a bad position or good position. It comes from not being stuck in either of the position. Stagnancy in any of the stages of life- rich or poor ,old or young will result into misery. Movement, Novelty and growth in life are leading factors of happiness.

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