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Your mind is the greatest manipulator of your life

I really wonder why would a person kill someone for just Rs.3000 (50 $). When I heard the news I was shocked. That isn’t a big figure. Why take someone’s life for such a small amount?

Then I realized there is something more to life than just numbers. Life is nothing more but, a mind game. That amount is worth more for that person than us.

It was only after I entered the 20s I realized what the ancient sages have been saying “That world is an illusion”. We are thinking that we are fighting against the life, but in actuality the fight is with our mind itself.

Because mind itself is a hungry beast struggling to fill it’s indefinite void. But, it will never settle. It loves chasing things. And when you have finally pursued that thing, your mind will rest momentarily. Then it starts fantasizing the other side of mountain. The discontentment is always there. So think about it. Is that temporary rest worth after all? How does that make you any different from the guy who killed for 50 $?

When one of my friend was dumped by his girlfriend, he was broken to tears. The only thing he did was stay away from that girl and move on with his life. Brave boy! I admire him. He didn’t show any signs of desperation of getting back with her. It was after 8 months, his ex realized that she had lost someone really precious.

In his absence only, she could realize she really lost someone who deeply loved her. And as usual the tables turned. She got back with full desperation, pleading and begging. However, he held on tightly to his self-respect and didn’t go back to her.

When Einstein said that everything around us is relative, he was actually speaking the ultimate truth. Our minds are constantly in state of comparison. Many friends, who stay away from home, all tell me the same thing – there is nothing as sweet as home, where you can go back to being careless and don’t have to worry about your hunger.

Those who stay at home are willing to move out, thinking that moving out will make them happy. Who is saying the truth? All becomes relative. I heard someone saying “When I am hungry the reason to be unhappy is only one, but when it’s fulfilled then the reasons to be unhappy are many”.

There are times when we visit a remote village and wonder how difficult it must be for them to live in a house made of thatched roof and mud. How are they able to survive without a wireless router? They don’t shop and can’t order a burger. But, their perception of reality is different. They have different reference points than what we possess. So, relatively they are happy just like us if not more than us.

No matter why we sympathize for the handicap but, if you really stay with them for sometime they are not dependent on you for their joy. They live in a different world.

When you are studying mechanical engineering where there are a couple of girls in comparison to 50 boys in the same classroom, naturally, all boys are going to hit on these girls. But, their beauty is not making them beautiful but, the competition and scarcity is.

Why a woman expects that there should be a long queue of boys desperate to get into a relationship with her? Because ,that is what boosts her self-esteem. This competition makes her appear more beautiful. Just like actresses appear most beautiful, but in actuality almost all boys have faced the truth – the young girl who stays in your neighborhood is far more prettier than she is.

The happiness which we frequently talk about is nothing but relativity. The point of reference determines how the reality is going to get distorted. You can change the way people perceive you if you are capable of distorting reality through relativity.

When one of my friend freaked out and came crying to me I asked him why is he crying. He said “I came second in the class!” For the first time I realized I can laugh and cry at the same time.

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