At times, during some moments in your life you become so weak,you break down. If feels like a mental paralysis.Nothing goes as per expectations.

You always wanted to open a restaurant or become an author. You always wanted to marry the person who you loved but, that person slowly fell out of love. You always wanted to bathe in fountain of money but, earning even one percent of it isn’t that easy. You always wanted to be in control of your life.

The moments become bleak. Like you were thrown onto a planet with a hostile atmosphere. The roaring thunder striking fear into your heart. Darkness all around as the dark clouds engulf whatever sun shine is left. Your brain numbed by these unusual experiences. How worse can it get? You go into a mental paralysis. You break down and go into state of inactivity.

Mental paralysis occurs when you receive a sudden setback. Life suddenly throws a puzzle on your face and you feel like there is no way out. You give up and go in a state of inactivity.

But, whatever happens in your life, keep moving. Even if you are moving like a dead fish brought on to the surface and is almost on the verge of death, it’s still commendable. Seen that fish as it dies? It wiggles it’s tail, inhales and exhales rapidly through his gills.

Even if you move this much, it’s fine but, do it. If you are lost in the desert you won’t stop at a place thinking you are lost. Because, if you move even if in any direction though, you at least have a chance to reach somewhere.

Mental Paralysis
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But, just in this case you won’t die. That phase is like a storm. You need to do nothing but, just hold on. Nobody ever died because of a job failure or a broken heart. They died because they went into a state of inactivity thereafter and took a conscious decision to kill themselves.

Always wanted to be an artist but, job taking up your time? Paint! Even if it is for a moment. Move like that dead fish. Sing ! Even if it is for a moment. Move like that fish. Broke up? Don’t go into a state of inactivity. Move like that dead fish. Dreams yet not accomplished? Don’t stop even if you are old as 60. Move like that fish.

So, when the weather gets dark and there is no hope. Keep the ship sailing.Even if it is in any direction. Don’t stop, for stopping is the sign of death.

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