We all have our physical limits. No matter how much you exercise in the gym or have that perfect diet plan we can never get as big as an elephant. No matter how much you cycle or drink height boosting energy drinks you can never get as tall as a giraffe. No matter how much of fairness creams you use, you will never become as white as duck (Except if you catch some disease). We all have our genetic limits.

Similarly, we have our own mental limits too. It does feel good to think that we are all limitless in terms of mind but, it’s not. Each human being is uniquely limited in its’ own way.

No matter how much you try to pressurize your child if he is average ,into becoming a High IQ child who does 500 calculations in 5 seconds or the one who clears IIT exams with first rank, you will end up embarrassing yourself. Moreover, the child will crib and will start hating you. When he grows old his relation with you will become cold and distant.

The point I am trying to make here is, have you identified your limit? Take a bag full of variety of rubber bands. Every rubber band has its own different elasticity beyond which it will breakdown.

So, if you are facing frustrations in your everyday life as to why you can’t grow in some areas, the reason might be that you have reached your potential. It’s sort of humiliating to know that you have a limit. Your ego will never accept it.

Not all can be a super-saiyan like him

The motivational speakers lie, when they tell you, if Usain bolt can come first, so can you. Because, if all come first what’s the point? Then it’s simply not a race. It’s simply not within anyone’s capacity to expand as much as you want.

‘So, am I forever doomed to be fat? I am forever doomed to never grow in a certain field?’

We will never know what our limits are. A good idea is to know that if with the right set of motivation and guidance are you able to move? If yes! Then keep stretching. There comes a time in your life when you can no longer move and you will feel the resistance itself.

In my case, when I would be playing guitar I was able to enter advanced levels of playing. I tried going beyond that but, I simply couldn’t. Even with the right set of motivation and guidance I couldn’t ask myself to sit in one place and go beyond those levels.

However, somewhere inside my gut says that I have a lot of potential in case of singing. I have still have lots of space to learn and expand. Similar, in the case of fitness.

The objective of your life is not to become as best as others. But, to become the best of yourself. Ever seen a flower-bud, when it blooms? It will open up beautifully and finally stop at a certain time. It can’t grow beyond that. And if you ever tried to forcefully push the petals open it will end up destroyed. If you are a rose how can you expect to open up like a lotus. It will be a mess.

Also, knowing your limits is not same as shrinking in life. Don’t expect the article is asking you to wake up as late at 11 am because that’s the best you could do. You can keep trying. You can keep pushing.

Because, nothing gives worse depression than remaining stagnant in your life. If you do get stagnant, you start looking for other fields in the life to grow.

Acceptance is way to happiness. Forgiveness follows and then happiness too.

But, as far as your limits are concerned, to accept them is relieving. You don’t have to be so much worried about becoming a millionaire or finding a perfect partner or that one thing you always wanted to. Tomorrow you will just die and nobody will care after a couple of days.

So, isn’t this good for a reason. You can sit on the beach with your friends and have a beer together because you just gave your best. You couldn’t become as tall as the street lamp but, that’s fine. You could add another 2 inches. Congratulations! You became the best you could.


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