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I am finding it hard to write these days

I consider writing to be one of my strong hold. Not in the literal way. But, the way I write I have observed I connect with the readers easily. Although, if I get my posts examined by my school teacher I bet I won’t score more than 6 marks because of informal way I write. There is no pre-decided structure or literary complexity to it.

I write as if I talk to you face-to-face and we have both journeyed deep into the well of each other’s soul. And as the conversation ends we both have a relief on our face. The kind of relaxation you feel when you don’t have to worry about what you are saying. Because, you know you won’t be judged.

However, lately I have been observing myself that I have been losing interest in writing and music all over. And I was mistaking this for a writer’s block or learning plateau for music. But, I have introspected enough to know it is not.

I am becoming more aggressive and rational. I have stopped being a slave to emotions. Infact now they don’t affect me at all. To sum it up it would be better to say I have become less sensitive. The very reason for it is not entirely my past but, I can see the femininity in me that bolstered my creativity slipping away gradually as if life is readying me for another phase in life.

Remember? If you are sensitive by nature then every moment of joy is like an orgasm, but pain is as if you are experiencing death every day. You are living on the extreme edges of your emotions when you are sensitive.

However, along with my decreased sensitivity, my creativity is being affected a lot.

Creativity is the feminine way. Femininity is about emotions. Survival is the masculine way. Masculinity is about rationality. And we have both of it in us no matter what gender we belong to.

The toughest challenge in our life will be to balance both. For me as of now I have inclined towards excess of masculinity. It took me longer to write this post though but, I am pushing so that I can revive it back 😀

The femininity in us all needs to be nurtured for it is a soft bed we sleep in when we all toil throughout the day in the masculine way.

I promise to come up with the articles soon. Until then I would ask, what are you going through now? Are you balancing both the genders inside you? Happiness will be when we are able to claim both the genders at the same time 🙂

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