The question is stupid itself. What are you buying ? Vegetables? Or are you looking for the best seat in the theatre from where you could get the perfect view of the screen?

You never choose to love someone. So, the question ‘How to choose a partner’ is itself a paradox. Because, you don’t decide who you love. And if you decide then it’s not love. You can’t decide who to fall in love with. You don’t get to choose in love. Read that again.

Do you test your mother or father? Do you say I want the neighbor uncle as my father because according to my calculations he is much capable of being a father? If there were a competition of the best mother in the world and your mother came las,t would you trade her for the best one?

It’s difficult to even imagine this.

How to choose a partner
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The biggest mistake people make in this world is people measure love. And when you measure love, you become arithmetic, you calculate. And love is not something where you calculate. It’s an ocean you dive into and get lost. And when you start judging the other person suddenly you feel disconnected from your partner.

I see countless people breaking up and going against their heart. Even though both love each other they give up their love very easily. Although ,I don’t see authenticity in their decisions. Because a person that wants to stay, stays. Just that one of the person sugar coats an excuse explaining how much they care about the other and they deserve a better future.

The fact is  that one person has fallen out of love and they don’t want to hurt the other by spilling the bitter truth. Else why such an enlightenment all of a sudden after living together for so long?

When you love someone and they love you back then why analyze? Why analyze the caste of the person, the education, the family wealth, the society? It is not a job interview.

Some people judge the present attributes of a person and decide to go with that person. Who knows the person will change after few years and he will. History has always been a proof for that.

And if you like someone and are pondering whether to speak your feelings out, don’t get nervous. Take a leap. After all love is a wine you would love to taste only if it is pure. 🙂

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