When a female friend of mine asked me “How do I look?” I smiled and said “Nice Makeup!”. She didn’t understand that my compliment was incomplete. But, her insecurity was comforted by the very fact that I said something that had felt good to her.

In first part of “How beautiful people look beautiful” I had written how you can become beautiful by highlighting your positive traits and diminishing your negative ones. But, most of the aspects I discussed were only physical.

I have read a story about a woman’s life who fell for a guy who looked cute, had six packs, gelled hair ( and ofcourse money).  She was saying that his beauty was so admiring that his confidence almost seemed to be a magnet. They both got into a relationship.

However, after 10 years of her marriage she tells a different story. She advises all the youngsters that the definition of beauty is greatly distorted in your teens. Although he still looks handsome in his thirties and still is attractive to middle age aunties she says, she finds him very ugly. Because he is self-centered ,very selfish and manipulative.

Of course beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but, there are certain things which seem very irresistible to everyone.


Someone gives you something very special to eat. It’s a limited edition Frankie. Would you share? You have the option of not sharing since; you are the one who bought it. But, can you resist that option of consuming it all by yourself?

Our mothers are beautiful to their children for the same reason that they are all selfless. You must have met several people in your life. But, imagine you are travelling in a train and someone offers you their seat. How do you see that person? Even if he is ugly by physicals standards of society, can you hate such person?

And it doesn’t take long to realize that when you share something you not only share that object but you share your heart. In the process you bond with the other people and the loneliness that we always carry with us these days because of our self-centered ambitions and at-any-cost success, seem to fade away like the stars do in the morning sky.

So, even if it’s the most expensive chocolate you are eating don’t keep it stacked inside your pocket. Share a part of it with others. The sweetness of joy of sharing is always incomparable to any chocolate that will be manufactured today or ever will be.

And believe me sharing is quite difficult. Because , our conventional minds want to keep everything to ourselves. We have even become miserly in terms of sharing love. But, it is always like breaking the ice in the initial stages. Later it all flows like a river.

How people look beautiful
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Nothing can be as ugly as someone who is behind you all the day. Neediness is a sin because the more you indulge into it the more you piss off the other person. No matter if you are the most incredible handsome guy in the universes and the galaxies once you stick like a glue to a person, they will rather choose an average guy who is non-needy rather than loving a over needy brad pitt.

I am a stranger to you . If you are a girl listen to what I am saying.

I stand in front of you almost hunching my back and desperate for a yes. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. You are so so cute and beautiful. Really I love you.” And then I don’t want to leave you any space to think. And then you yourself ask me to leave (Of, course kindly because you don’t want to hurt me). As I leave the room, I don’t get the answer so I text you back again out of impatience. In a way I am indirectly coercing you for an answer. My proposal is armed with guilt and indirect pressure for a yes. Also, since I have treated you like a celebrity you will treat me like a fan.

Again, listen .If you are a girl, listen what I am saying – “I love you…Yes! You are beautiful. I find you incredible and would love to explore life with you.”   And as I say this I leave you alone in the room. “I shall wait for your answer. If you say no, I am not coming back. If it’s a yes, pack your bags we are leaving for a rainy trek tomorrow.”

Which version of mine would you choose?

When you assert something don’t get impatient. Calm down. People reject you anyway if they want to reject. And if you are needy, people become more sure of their decision to reject you. Stay invested in yourself. What are you doing over-investing yourself too much in other people’s lives?

Combine these two traits and you  create a powerful presence around you.

To be continued…

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