When somebody says the next time, ‘follow your heart’ ask him what he exactly means. Does he mean that you should not avoid eating fries in the Mcdonalds just because your heart craves for it? Or does he mean going back to the ex who always humiliated, but your heart still convinced you that relationship is more important than self-respect?

Does he mean that you should better play the mobile games, scroll the instagram images or sleep for one more hour? Does he mean postponing your goals just because your heart says ‘You better sleep, who knows the world might end tomorrow’.

If you ask me what you should do, I would suggest ‘Never follow your heart’. As far as decision making is concerned, heart misguides you, doesn’t care about your self-respect and succumbs you to unhealthy actions.

Why I am saying something so unconventional when the world is shouting out it’s larynx?

Just because an inspirational video tells you to follow your heart with it’s rampant music giving you all sorts of goosebumps on your body; it isn’t necessarily true. I would say ask your mind too.

Your heart is located in the butt
Oh my heart

Feelings are damn disobedient only for a reason because once the salesman makes you imagine how your neighbor will be jealous seeing your 44” TV with gazillion colors although you know you shouldn’t be giving a fuck to what they think about you, will still go for what the salesman said.

Science says your irrational feelings are 24 times more powerful than your logical mind. And what happens the next day? You undergo remorse. ‘Go with the flow’ they always said . 🙁

Impulsiveness , irrationality and hyper-excited behavior are all the consequences of decisions taken by heart.

Heart is something that is always considered to be in the chest. I am not talking about biological- heart. I am talking about emotional one which movies, poets and novels tend to place it. If heart makes you go so wrong why place it there like the capital of India.

I tell you, our heart is located in our butt. And what do you expect from a butt which only farts and poop? Bad and irrational decisions, right?

Next time when you are struggling on a decision stuck between your heart and mind remember this – who would you consult? Your head which is the crown or your ass which has no work, but to guide you with short term decisions.

And if you still choose your ass, sorry to say you are entirely an ass yourself.

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