Marriage used to be a big deal years back. Once you get married you stayed together because there was societal pressure. You had to worry about protecting your parent’s so called prestige. That prestige mattered because no matter how much you find marriage dysfunctional, you stayed in because you wouldn’t be able to face the scoundrel relatives ready to back gossip  once you divorce. You had this fear of being exiled from community. And getting a beating from your drunk husband was less painful than the pain, society would inflict if you break bonds.

So marriage was a big deal. It was more like- yes now this is the person I am going to live throughout my life. There is no one else …which is kinda cute. But, yes it was more like- Even if he or she becomes a head ache I have no where to go. So better suck it up.

But, in today’s era where we have lost sense of something called society, where we all have become introverts not wanting to involve other people in our matter, marriage is nothing more than a play. Because the stigma attached to divorce is no longer there.So, just like you breakup, you divorce. Except that courts involves itself in divorce.

In few months you are free individual who will start dating again just like you used to do after a breakup.

Marriage is no longer something that it used to be. Marriage is more like a vacation you go on to, where you spend your years of hard earned money- prewedding shoots,food and clothes and something that fulfills your fantasies. And then from next day you are back to work.

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