These days Relationships have become fragile just as paper-boat floating over a stream of water. The concept of ‘Use-and-throw’ is seen more prominently . The ability to adjust and compromise has reduced. Our new commandment is  ‘Me before you’. But, wait!  Why should we even compromise? We believe in individualism, isn’t it?

But, haven’t we taken the concept of individualism to the extremes? Of course, it is healthy to have the attitude of ‘walking away’ or ‘I don’t give a fuck’ or ‘Plenty of fishes in the sea’. But, think of these attitudes to the extremes and observe people who are filled up fully with these attitudes. They are nothing but lonely meat heads with inflated chest, full of empty ego and extreme individualism.

People these days confuse ego with self-esteem. When a person doesn’t talk to you  or fights with you, do you inquire about the reason or you just have an IDGAF attitude? A person ignores you and instead of asking what happened you just walk away, thinking you just saved your self worth.

Does it work that way?Don’t you need to go and talk to the people if you think things are not right between you? This is called sacrificing ego for the sake of relationship which is not same as sacrificing self-esteem.

The fragile nature of relationships these days
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You sacrifice self-esteem when you act like a wimp going back to the person again and again who is uninterested in fixing the relationship. Because, if that is the case then you are turning your self-worth into a garbage with every approach.

Don’t worry, your individualism which you preserve  to the core won’t be affected by bending of your ego. Keep your relationship below your ego but, above your self-esteem.

I have never forgotten to draw a line and keep myself within that. Approaching once or twice is ok. Even thrice is ok. But, then you need to stop.

Just go and talk to the person and ask him about that.May be he or she has something to share. In return you might also earn respect for being humble and you won’t loose away people that easily. After all, in the end we are social creatures and no matter how much introvert you are, the quality of relationships in your life will highly contribute to your happiness.

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