Its interesting. Whenever I am in a conversation with a stranger or on a date with someone, the way I predict their behavior and identity to be is very different from whom they actually are.

The quote ‘First impression is the last impression’ is for dumb and impatient people unwillingly to know the person and immediately concluding as to who they are.

In fact I have always found that the person is opposite to who he is actually outside. Let me simplify it. If the person seems to be aggressively very direct and confronting, your first impression usually is that he is rude and not the type of person you want to stay with.

But, believe me if you stand up with a little bit of patience with them, you will dig deep enough to know that they are actually very sensitive and opposite of what they actually seemed to be.

“A man wont cry for months and years. He seems very hard, insensitive and mentally strong. But, see him cry when he loses his mother. You will realize how many layers of mental makeup he had been putting all this time.”

So, if you meet a very nice person, chances are he is over compensating his Machiavellian traits. Pleasing people are the most difficult people to analyze. You can never know what their intentions are. In fact, they deserve to be friend-zoned or ignored so they learn that you can’t have everyone. That we all can’t get along with everyone.

So, if you friend says “Fuck you asshole!” or “Bitch, you need a dick!” chances are that he or she is the one you can stick by during hard times.

Because harder the person hurts you, chances are that he or she is more caring inside about you.

First impression is  the fake impression
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I had a teacher in my school days who was tough as a soldier. And, believe me I thought he was mentally the strongest person I ever met. Although, he had an armor of confidence around him and all the solutions for the life, years later I found something very surprising about him. He wasn’t as I thought to be.

In fact, very sensitive and soft as a marshmallow. I bet he would be crying under the blanket. And this is not something you should be laughing at. A person goes through the hard times in his childhood, deals with his low self-esteem issues, high expectations and builds walls around him, so he could deal with it.

Infact we all have atleast a small part of it. So, if you see a strong confident woman or a guy in a profile picture chances are that cockiness and confidence is built like a house of cards. A little push and it all crumbles down.


* “First impression is always the fake impression”

* “A person is usually the opposite of who he is actually shows to be” * Don’t think of this as a generalization. But, the chances are real good. Yes, don’t go on cursing people to prove your point.

* You cant know everything about a person immediately. Patience is a virtue.

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