What if you have the opportunity to jump from the cliff with a parachute? Isn’t that exhilarating? It’s your first time and you just can’t wait to feel the chemical rush in your body.

But, I tell you there is one condition- There is 50 % chance that the parachute may not open. What do you do? It’s your first time. You stay positive justifying yourself that it’s worth the risk.

So, hesitantly but, convincingly you nod your head affirmatively and take the leap of faith. “Whatever happens let it happen”.

The start of the downfall is beautiful. Its intense seductive pleasure combined with effervescing excitement. What a cocktail, man! You feel as if you are non-existent. ‘Does enlightenment feel the same way?’

OK! Now it’s time to open the parachute! You pull the trigger thread but, it isn’t working. Man ! try it again ! You do it several times in different combination. You move every possible inch of your body to check the damn parachute.

Nope. I guess its ending. You have no other option but, to face what’s there for you ahead.

You fall down with a thud so hard, it seems you almost died. It seems the wounds would never heal. Everyone comes to your rescue. Your family, your friends but, it’s simply not enough. How do you heal the internal wounds like disappointment, frustration, heart ache, betrayal and feeling wasted?

It takes a real long time to heal again. The wounds have healed but, scars remind you of the agony you had gone through. You have now got a different perspective of life.

And when everything seems ok I call you on the cliff. I ask you again. There is 50 % chance the parachute won’t open. You want to jump?

You might take a risk again. You might succeed. That’s good. But, when you fail and you come up again on the cliff with more scars, I ask you again.

Would you want to fall? in love again??

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