There was a time in our life when our parents and teachers would say “Your behavior and personality is determined by the company you keep”. No matter how much you speak of yourself to have a personality which can’t be influenced, your fortress of determination can be slowly melted off inch by inch every second by second…until there comes a time in your life, that you realize that you have ultimately turned out to be like the rest of your peers.

It’s simple science. Even though the idea that ‘Water could shape the stone’ seems foolish, we know over the time, water makes its way through these rocks no matter how tough they are… like your determination.

But, I fear in this millennium it’s no longer valid. Because your personality and mood is not determined by the company you keep but, by the media you choose to watch.

We all have dangerously learnt to stay alone, away from all the socialization. We are proud of ourselves to call an introvert. However, declaring yourself to be an introvert is the new art of laziness. We are too timid to go out and socialize. Because, in the past socialization happened automatically. Since, they had no artificial stimulants like mobile screens, they had to keep themselves engaged through sports, face-to-face chats and disturbing neighbors in their sleep which they wouldn’t even mind.

These days it’s a conscious effort.  And who’s going to take the effort? People won’t talk to you until you have something to offer or you are sexy.

Due to this we have become anti-socialized, sitting on the couches and surfing the news feed, looking at pictures on the wall like a voyeur. We are watching negatively corrupted news channels designed with the model in mind only to attract eyeballs. Because, with every passing year, holding someone’s attention is gradually becoming difficult. So, they try to report more brutal news and dark content.

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Slowly, everyone is trying to make the world as hopeless as possible, hiding all the good things under the carpet because we are evolutionarily all designed to throw our attention towards any negative pattern.

The world is becoming a bitch. But, in reality it’s not. But, the media has been successful exploiting this negative side of world at the cost of mental health of viewers.

I am myself an introvert who hates to go out and put in effort to make friends. Just because I am writing this blog doesn’t make me better or less lazy than you. But, I tell you the way we choose to watch media around us influences a lot.

In the past couple of years, I have been reading a lot of books. These books are not depressing novels but, the exploration of deeper sense of life. Most of the time when I am on YouTube, I am watching stand-up comedy, health fitness videos and musical covers.

Newspapers have been a thing of past for me. I didn’t find anything productive from reading news about rapes, politics and who divorced who. I am not judging newspapers but, the benefit to loss ratio from reading such content is extremely low. I am being done away with so many things- emotional vampires, serious people, gibberish talking women, apps which tend to show the happy part of other people’s life and teasing you ‘See you got such a boring life, dude!’

And the result was optimized happiness.

The media we end up watching does send a negative ripple of discontent and hopelessness in life making sure you don’t feel great about yourself. It’s media controlling your moods these days. You can’t eliminate yourself completely from the system but, you can take a break from all this crap. Within, few days the positive effect will be known.

Somewhere along the line you have stopped comparing your life to others so gradually your life will become better.

So, next time you open up newspapers, think if you really want to read them. (Except of course “Ask the sex-expert” Column)


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