The world of Facebook Dating

Online dating is the new practice of searching for a romantic partner via a dedicated website. It became virtually easy for people to search via internet. However, the dark side of online dating has been that the identity of the other person is completely anonymous. Although you know his or her name, you would never know who the actual person is. It was difficult to find authentic people as you would never know who you would land up with.

As many people can fake profile, the search was for the best secured and verified online dating. The best way is to use Facebook for dating. Since, it’s easy to know if the person is authentic or not. There are a few tips to know if the profile is fake or not.

The facebook profile is probably fake if:

  1. If you see no profile photos other than celebrities or irrelevant images. Probably that person is trying to bait people into thinking they must be good-looking as them.
  2. If there are no tagged photos with her or his friends.
  3. If there are no comments other than compliments on their photos mostly from strangers who he or she have trapped into accepting their friend requests.
  4. The person has virtually no information about his whereabouts and interests.

Though it has it’s own dark side, Facebook for Dating is probably the most safe juncture on internet because it is virtually easy to verify a person’s profile. The easier side being, you get to know a lot about a person. Mutual friends, events and common interests make strangers more comfortable to approach each other.

Of course there are other online dating platforms through which you can connect but, it’s almost easily understood that nothing can be compared to the authentic database Facebook possess. Almost everyone is connected to this website.

I remember a few days back meeting a stranger girl via facebook. She would often comment on my guitar videos that she would often get notified via a mutual friend. She was beautiful and told me she wanted to meet her since, she was also a singer.

Isn’t it amazing? When we met I saw a good romantic potential in her since, we carried same interests.

On face book there are businessmen, artists, scientists but, I believe no one has been yet able to bring together the singles interested in finding a person who might be interested in dating each other. is a website designed to bring such people together who are looking for friendship, marriage or dating. The work is made quite easier by a signup and easy to follow instructions which will get you started in no time.

Besides it’s 100% free. Click on the link and wait no more to get started. Start looking for the potential partners. Goodluck.

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