Facebook started as something really exciting. Something that we can tread into and have fun. These days it has become into nothing more than chaos.

When I was very young I wanted chaos in my life. I would myself enter the chaos. Chaos makes us feel alive. This is how it is. As we grow we become used to it and then you don’t want it.

You want your life to be simple.So ,these days I avoid chaos. I try to find silence as much as I can. The people around me. I am very much selective of people wanting to enter my life. If they repeatedly threaten my peace of mind, I don’t think before separating from them even for a second. We all have less time on earth and it is useless to waste it on people who hurt you.

Facebook was created to connect people. But, we forget the connection is only virtual and hence, superficial. It was fine until that. But, today people just don’t care. Facebook has turn into just another rotten social media site where you just scroll endlessly like eating junk chips without thinking of anything.

So, I have decided to get rid of it. I will be deleting my Facebook account…once and for all.

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