Being sexy is not impressive. Why? I looked into the mirror and didn’t find myself impressive at all !

Ok. That was a good joke to start this post with. Honestly, I am nowhere near what people actually call ‘Hot’. I am just an average non-popular guy, busy living life and finding some time to play music and write boring articles like these.

But, look on the internet today. You will find hot guys and girls everywhere. Sometimes I wonder “Where have all the ugly people gone?”

I build up huge expectations before meeting such people face-to-face and they have nothing exciting to say except their own problems and bragging about themselves 99 % of times (1 % of the time they talk how cute their cat is).

And in the end, I feel guilty for wasting out my time with them because I expect atleast a little intelligent and meaningful conversations with them. What I had expected actually didn’t turn out to be what it should be.

But, for the first time in my life I learnt something very important. Superficial beauty does exist. That is what we call being ‘Hot’. Being hot is not that difficult, honestly. You can find more about that in one of my old articles – How beautiful people look beautiful.

Besides that, the common mass has dangerously mastered the art of Photoshop and Photography…. so much that even celebrities have a hard time catching up with them.

Being ‘hot’ is like a matchstick. Burn it once and it will glow at the brightest but, will last for a couple of seconds. Being beautiful, is something different. Just like a candle stick it burns for long. And unlike match stick which blackens, candle dies gracefully and softly in the end.

So, what do I mean to say when I am saying that a person’s personality is like a candle? Has it ever happened to you “There is something different about that person…I don’t know what it is but, its magnetic.”

Call it charm, personality, aura…whatever. The point I am trying to make is-this is what, we are missing out in people these days. People these days have become mannequins with empty-souls having nothing to offer anything other than their looks.

Being hot is not impressive
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People investing their time excessively in polishing their looks don’t take time to develop their own character and self-identity. And when you are trying to ride all of your life on your looks alone what happens? People come into your life but, don’t stay with you. It often happens relationships fall off in such cases where looks are the primary motivator behind love.

When the entire superficial curtain falls off, you find nothing behind. They have a huge gap of expectations but, reality is disappointing.

You know how it feels to interact with such people? Think about this. On your birthday, I gift you a big present the size of a car, with the exterior box decorated with golden paper and silk ribbons. What are you thinking about now? What are your expectations?

Well, you start stripping the gift slowly and with eyes full wide only to find everything empty inside. What is your reaction? People today have become same.


Let me tell you something interesting. Having a social life can be worth as much as an additional $ 131,232 a year in terms of life satisfaction. That’s what research came to. But, I am so poor in my social skills I did rather earn $ 131,232  a year than make any efforts to go out and make friends.

Then, I understood, to earn $131,232 a year I need to have a good social life since, networking is integral part of your career progress. I can’t be earning so much of money on my own until I was super-intelligent guy with skills contributing to 80 % of the company’s profit.

So, I decided to go out and make friends… all good looking. I definitely didn’t enjoy and almost gave up. Until,I really understood what to look in a person.

I have an x-ray vision now. Not the ‘see-through-clothes’ vision( Although I wish I could have it). But, the ability to look behind colored and groomed up clean faces.

How do you see a person? Just looks? May be when you only stop looking for that…. that’s when you become mature in your life. Beauty does have more than a physical dimension. May be you should always ask this question “Do you have anything to offer other than your looks?”

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