What separates animals from humans is ‘thinking’. This power of thinking creates a personality within us.

People have an incomplete definition of personality. The reason is because it is purely external. We are asked to walk in a certain way. Our body language is forced. In short everything is choreographed. And choreography demands huge efforts when you are implementing these rules of so called ‘external personality’.

External personality is a mirror of internal personality. It is never vice-versa. Whatever is inside, reflects on our facial expressions and body language effortlessly. So , if we can change the internal forces driving us we can reach our utmost level of personality development.

Personality Development is not only about  how to behave when things go wrong or happen in a certain  way. Because, it is the way robots work. We are humans and we did’t come with a manual. Even if the manual came, each one of us would have a different one.  So each one of us has to look within us to identify the internal driving forces that will help us live a life of extreme fulfillment.

Here in this blog I will help you determine those internal driving forces that make up your personality. Personality is not just about showing off but, it is a mental challenge through which you will grow everyday .

Relationship is something that acts as synergy. It is an alloy of two people coming together. Alloys are many times stronger than the sum of each individual strength of metal used. Relationships with people around you are worth only if you both could reach your highest potential. Else it is better to separate. Because it is just as fine not to get along with all people. After all, there are incompatible metals too 😉

There are questions in our life which remain quite unanswerable. Life would have been boredom if we knew everything. Mystery is what puts life into the humans. You know what is there in your cupboard. Now, imagine if your cupboard would be so deep as to discover a new toy everyday. But, one day you discover everything. Now, the real boredom starts.

However, life is more deeper a mystery. However, philosophizing fills in the gaps of these mystery so that we can turn them over to our advantage. Philosophy and science are cousins .However, it would be really interesting to search for the hidden answers and how they would keep our life more engaged and fulfilling.

I have discussed all the topics related to these concepts in my blog. So, just surf the wave in my blog. Start with any post. If you engage yourself don’t forget to share the posts with your friends or perhaps tell me how did you find it 🙂



When I started this Blog and how do I promote it?

AmitVele.com originally started way back on blogger in 2011 when I would write my experiences in my diary. I thought why not to write it down on a blog so that I could share my experiences with the people around the globe. This way I could connect with the readers and make more friends.

I wrote on whatever that came through my heart. My best ally for promotion were social networking sites where I could share the  the content with the friends. If they liked they would share the link with the friends and so on.

As far as blogging is concerned I have had a terrific journey so far. My readers have always appreciated me for the content. They have loved my writing (so far :P). However, I have also been showered with abuses which were quite difficult to digest. At one point in my life I had almost quit blogging. But, then I thought this way I will let them win.

So, I took back to blogging again after months ! But, yes I was more powered to write everything from the heart.

I tried to write everything that my heart said and all the articles boiled down to one theme for blog – Personality Development, Relationships and Philosophy. These topics form the social essence of human life. And that is really what I am constantly looking for. 

There are websites saying you should atleast blog three times every week. But, I never write until my heart wants to speak. I don’t force it to speak. Because this way I know the quality of the articles will be affected. 


More than 90% traffic on my website is referral. People come to my website not because they land upon accidentally but, because someone suggested my blog.

Feedback is the fuel which keeps me blogging. They often say that I affect their life somewhere and am really really happy about that. 

People suggesting your blog is far better and fulfilling than search engines suggesting yours. 

I really feel technical concepts like SEO  do help get better traffic for Website. But, I prefer networking with people because it is long term. Besides, SEO is like tweaking your website for  search engines. Unfortunately, if tomorrow google decides to change it’s search algorithm the website will see a major downfall.

So I write for people instead of search engines. Referrals increase traffic exponentially and sustains it because if readers like an article they keep coming back for more.

Hope, you also come back for more if you have liked my blog. Because I just hope you get to learn something from this website. And rather I request you to message me if you have something to teach me I shall be all glad with my ears open 🙂

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